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Youth Ministry
If one were to ask you, “Do you think the world was destroyed by a flood?” what would you say? “I’ve never really thought about it”, or “I guess anything is possible”, or maybe “My pastor(or  youth pastor) say’s…” At Grandville Bible Church, we are committed to teaching the Bible as the Word of God. The end goal of our youth ministry is to have young people be able to know the answer to that question and many other’s or be ready to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll look into it” or “Yes, in the Bible…”

This is the desire of any other educational facility, if not supplying the answer and making sure the student knows the correct answer, to ensure that they are equipped to be able to find the answer to that question. We have made this our goal because we believe that our young people are not the church of tomorrow, but are the church of today. I believe the motto of the IFCA Youth Program perfectly captures this, “To encourage and equip students for work in the ministry, today.”

Visit www.ifcayouth.org for informaiton on the convention and Ministry Training Area information. For information on the Michigan regional, find Michigan under regionals or visit ifcamiyouth.webs.com/

For information on the IFCA Youth Ministry visit www.ifcayouth.org

The health form for trips and activities for Grandville Bible Church can be found here.